Abaton Production plans and organises congresses, conferences and stage productions. Our main clients are trade unions, political organisations and other associations.

Sometimes we help set up an informal dinner with a pleasant setting and good entertainment for about 50 people. This might be followed by the next project which is a week-long international congress for about 1,000 guests using complex audio/video technology, a digital paperless meeting system and a magnificent opening programme.

Over the years, we have built up an extensive network of contacts both within the entertainment industry and among technology suppliers as well as idea-based forums, organisations and companies. Several international projects have also provided us with good contacts outside Sweden. Since we have an excellent track record of producing and managing major projects (for example, congresses), we are also a natural partner when a company wishes to organise a meeting that requires a little more ”muscle” and experience.

For us it is important that everything is in order and clear.  All agreements, clear documentation, budget control and the use of our own subcontractors – these are the basic preconditions that we require in order for us to fulfil a risk-free assignment for you.

You can find examples of previous productions here.

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